Power Up !: Getting Changing With God’s Power

By (author)Kenneth W. Hagin

Introducing Divine Power, the solution to the spiritual power failure in the Church! Just like electricity powers our physical world, Divine Power empowers us to live a life of purpose and passion.

With Divine Power, you’ll experience a deeper connection to your faith, a stronger sense of community, and a greater understanding of your spiritual gifts. Say goodbye to the outward form of godliness and hello to a genuine and powerful faith that will light up your life and those around you.

Don’t settle for a powerless existence. Invest in Divine Power today and watch as your faith ignites with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. Join the thousands of believers who have already experienced the life-changing benefits of Divine Power. Get started now and let Divine Power light up your world!

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Title: Power Up !: Getting Changing With God’s Power

Most of us take electric power for granted, We use it every day to make our meals, control the temperatures in our homes, commuinicate with each other, and light our way at night. And if something knocks out our Energize, we do everything we can to get it back, and quickly!

But increasingly and alarmingly, the Church is suffering a power failure and seems content to sit in the dark. the lights are still on, but there’s no spiritual power just an outward form of godliness.


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