Prayer Passport-Hard

Prayer Passport is a compendium of rare and powerful prayer points. It is a unique spiritual warfare manual leading readers into triumph over the kingdom of darkness. It is indeed a passport to victorious living and breakthroughs in the spiritual realm.

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Chapter 1: The Analysis of Oppression

Chapter 2: Power To Suppress The Suppressor

Chapter 3: Oppression Maketh A Man Mad

Chapter 4: Immunity Against Oppressors

Chapter 5: Prayer To Receive Fresh Fire

Chapter 6: Prayers To Kill Goliath In Your Destiny

Chapter 7: My Haman And Balaam Shall Die

Chapter 8: Bewitchment Must Die

Chapter 9: Killing The Witchcraft In Your Destiny

Chapter 10: Prayers To Break The Backbone Of Poverty

Chapter 11: Confessions For Prosperity

Chapter 12: My Calling Shall Not Be Wasted

Chapter 13: Yoke Breaking Prayers

Chapter 14: Prayers To Receive Spiritual Strength

Chapter 15: I am For Blessing And Not For Curses

Chapter 16: Prayers To Deal With Evil Soul Ties

Chapter 17: Destroying The Destroyer

Chapter 18: Defeating Defeat

Chapter 19: Move Me Forward By Fire

Chapter 20: Power Against Miscarriage 1

Chapter 21: Power Against Miscarriage 2

Chapter 22: Power Against Miscarriage 3

Chapter 23: Power Against Spiritual Burial

Chapter 24: Demotion Must Die

Chapter 25: I Claim Divine Favour

Chapter 26: I Shall Not Backslide

Chapter 27: Power Against The Spirit Of The Snail

Chapter 28: Dealing With The Spirit Of The Dog

Chapter 29: Dealing With Anti-Promotion Witchcraft

Chapter 30: Neutralizing Satanic Verdicts

Chapter 31: Power Against Rock Spirits

Chapter 32: Beelizebub Must Die

Chapter 33: Foundational Deliverance

Chapter 34: Alone With God

Chapter 35: Territorial Deliverance

Chapter 36: Turn-Around Breakthroughs

Chapter 37: Uprooting Evil Plantations

Chapter 38: Arresting Dark Cloud Over Your Destiny

Chapter 39: When The Enemy Will Not Go

Chapter 40: Power To Be Connected With Great Men In High Places

Chapter 41: My Life Is Not For Sale

Chapter 42: Let God Arise

Chapter 43: Stubborn Problems Must Die

Chapter 44: Glory Revival

Chapter 45: Command The Morning 1

Chapter 46: Command The Morning 2

Chapter 47: Overthrowing The Wall Of Jericho 1

Chapter 48: Overthrowing The Wall Of Jericho 2

Chapter 49: Baptism Of Fire 1

Chapter 50: Baptism Of Fire 2

Chapter 51: Dream Surgery 1

Chapter 52: Dream Surgery 2

Chapter 53: Power Against The Spirit Of Death And Hell

Chapter 54: Power Against Womb Polluters

Chapter 55: Power Against Eaters Of Flesh And Drinkers Of Blood

Chapter 56: Power Against Satanic Poison

Chapter 57: Witchcraft Must Die

Chapter 58: Power Against Familiar Spirits

Chapter 59: Deliverance From The Bondage Of Marine Spirits

Chapter 60: Power Against Demonic Food

Chapter 61: Power Against Untimely Death

Chapter 62: Deliverance From Occult Entanglement

Chapter 63: Deliverance From Repeated Problems

Chapter 64: Destiny Changing And Restoration Prayer 1

Chapter 65: Destiny Changing And Restoration Prayer 2

Chapter 66: Destiny Changing And Restoration Prayer 3

Chapter 67: Success In The Ministry

Chapter 68: Prayers For The Micacle Of Supernatural Conception And Divine Protection

Chapter 69: Prayers For The Micacle Of Supernatural Conception And Divine Protection 1

Chapter 70: Prayers For The Micacle Of Supernatural Conception And Divine Protection 2

Chapter 71: Prayers For The Micacle Of Supernatural Conception And Divine Protection 3

Chapter 72: Prayers For The Micacle Of Supernatural Conception And Divine Protection 4

Chapter 73: Prayers To Defeat Anti-conception Witchcraft

Chapter 74: Marital Breakthroughs 1

Chapter 75: Prayers For Marital Breakthroughs 2

Chapter 76: Prayers For Marital Breakthroughs 3

Chapter 77: Prayers For Marital Breakthroughs 4

Chapter 78: Prayers Against Collective Captivity

Chapter 79: Prayers To Heal Hypertension

Chapter 80: Release Me By Fire

Chapter 81: Prayers Dismantle Marital Jericho

Chapter 82: Bring The Judgement Of The God Upon Them

Chapter 83: Relase From Destructive Convenants

Chapter 84: Prayer For Divine Guidance

Chapter 85: Let Not My Enemies Triumph Over Me

Chapter 86: Power Against Python Spirit 1

Chapter 87: Power Against Python Spirit 2

Chapter 88: Dealing With Night Raiders

Chapter 89: Go Forward By Fire

Chapter 90: Let My Children Go

Chapter 91: Dealing With The Evil Powers Of Your Father’s House

Chapter 92: Dealing With The Evil Powers Of Your Father’s House 2

Chapter 93: Dealing With The Strongman

Chapter 94: Receive Your Deliverance

Chapter 95: Prayers To Re-fire And Not Retire

Chapter 96: Prayers For Rapid Spiritual Growth

Chapter 97: Iniquity Shall Not Dwell I n My Tent

Chapter 98: Power Against Evil Spiritual Marriages

Chapter 99: Dismantling Cancer

Chapter 100: Power Against Introjects

Chapter 101: Prayers To Heal Diabetes

Chapter 102: Breaking The Yoke Of Satanic Delay

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