Prayer: Your Foundation for Success

By (author)Kenneth Copeland

Are you desiring to develop a deeper prayer life? God created you to have a relationship with Him. Fellowshipping with God on a personal level gives birth to a deep, strong faith and trust in His ability to work in your life. When you pray, you will discover that God is faithful! Prayer was never designed to work by trial and error, but was intended to be the blueprint for success in every area of your life. In this insightful and practical book, Kenneth Copeland reveals vital keys to having an effective prayer life. By understanding these principles, you will be able to take hold of the life of peace and success that God intended. You will also get answers to common questions asked about prayer: -What is fasting? -What is intercessory prayer? -What are hindrances to prayer? -And many more! Experience a life of peace and joy through a closer relationship with God as you discover Prayer Your Foundation for Success!

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