Prayers to destroy diseases and infirmitities

This book is a spiritual warfare manual specifically targeted at destroying diseases and infirmities. The secrets of using artillery of prayers against bad health are clearly outlined. You do not have to be a slave to the spirit of infirmity any more. This is a book that will deal a deadly and destructive blow on the spirits of death and hell. Every Christian, home, prayer group, intercessor, healing minister, hospital and clinic should have a copy of this book. Prayers from this book has been released by the Holy Spirit to kill every sickness and disease.

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Table of Contents

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  • Short Bible Study On Divine Healing
  • General Healing Scriptures
  • Scriptural Facts About Food
  • Scriptures To Use In Weight Control
  • Steps To Personal Deliverance

Section 1: General Healing Prayers

Chapter 1: Release From Infirmity

Chapter 2: Prayers To Destroy Disease Germs

Chapter 3: Praying Using the Blood of Jesus

Chapter 4: Prayers for Cleansing the House

Chapter 5: Prayers for Spiritual Sanitation

Chapter 6: Prayers for Victory Over Satanic Dreams

Chapter 7: Prayers to Destroy Incurable Diseases

Chapter 8: With Healing in His Wings

Chapter 9: Prayers for Divine Healing

Chapter 10: Prayers to Dissolve Unprofitable Growth

Chapter 11: Speaking Destruction Unto Evil Growths

Chapter 12: Come Alive

Chapter 13: Prayers Against Sexual Perversion

Chapter 14: Prayers to Defeat Anti-Conception Forces

Chapter 15: Bringing Forth

Chapter 16: Prayers Against Desert Spirits

Chapter 17: Prayers for Power to Retain Pregnancy

Section 2: Specific Diseases

Chapter 18: Prayers Against Problems with

Chapter 19: Prayers to Heal Abdominal Sickness

Chapter 20: Prayers to Break Allergies

Chapter 21: Prayers to Heal Arthritis

Chapter 22: Prayers to Heal Asthma

Chapter 23: Prayers to Heal Blood Diseases

Chapter 24: Prayers to Destroy Bed Wetting

Chapter 25: Dealing with Blood Pressure Problems

Chapter 26: Prayers to Break Bone Diseases

Chapter 27: Prayers to Kill Cancer

Chapter 28: Prayers to Heal Diabetes

Chapter 29: Prayers to Heal Fever

Chapter 30: Prayers to Heal Heart Disease

Chapter 31: Prayers for Those Desiring Sound Sleep

Chapter 32: Prayers for Those Going Into Hospitals for Medical Treatment

Chapter 33: Prayers Before an Operation

Chapter 34: Prayers to Break Kidney Diseases

Chapter 35: Release from Eyes and Ears Problems

Chapter 36: Deliverance from Mental Illness

Chapter 37: Addiction and Recovery Prayers

Chapter 38: Deliverance from Evil Inheritance

Chapter 39: Deliverance for Reproductive Organ

Chapter 40: Prayers, Confessions and Victory During Pregnancy and at Child-Birth

Chapter 41: Prayers Against Witchcraft-Sponsored Diseases

Section 3: Other Diseases

Chapter 42: Healing of Burns

Chapter 43: Healing of Colds

Chapter 44: Healing of Facial Diseases

Chapter 45: Healing of Feet Diseases

Chapter 46: Healing of Hands Diseases

Chapter 47: Healing of Headaches – Migraines

Chapter 48: Healing of Mouth Diseases

Chapter 49: Healing of Nervous Conditions

Chapter 50: Healing of Pains

Chapter 51: Healing of Strokes

Chapter 52: Destroying Poisoning

Chapter 53: Destroying Skin Diseases

Chapter 54: Power Against Stuttering

Chapter 55: Healing of Teeth Diseases

Chapter 56: Power Against Tiredness

Chapter 58: Healing of Ulcers – Wounds

Chapter 59: Healing of Sexual Transmitted Diseases

Chapter 60: Healing of Intestinal Diseases

Chapter 61: Healing of Diahorrea

Chapter 62: Healing of Meningitis

Chapter 63: Healing of Pneumonia

Chapter 64: Healing of Epilepsy


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