Raiding The House Of The Strongman

Raiding the house of the Strongman
In this auspicious times when battles are raging, we need tested and proven weapons to deal with any unrepentant strongman. The main thrust of this battle is an offensive against the kingdom of darkness. The major antics of the strongman are brought to the fore. Each chapter contains keys for raiding the house of the strongman. The illustrations are powerful. The scriptural exegesis of the mystery of the strongman will make you to hate the strongman with perfect hatred.This book will make you to rise up in anger and raid the house of the strongman.

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Chapter one: Raiding the house of the strongman

Chapter two: Controlling the root worker

  • Evidence of root worker’s activities
  • Entry points of root workers
  • You must pray
  • Prayer points

Chapter three: The power that sitteth on many water

  • The mystery of water
  • The physical babylon
  • Spiritual babylon
  • The evil agenda of babylon
  • Character disorder
  • God’s way of escape
  • Prayer points

Chapter four: Evil preparation

  • Prayer points
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Emmanuel Menie

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