Readings in Christian Ethics

Issues and Applications

In a world where ethical dilemmas collide with real-life scenarios, how do we navigate the complex landscape of Christian ethics? Delve into the profound insights of “Readings in Christian Ethics: Issues and Applications,” a book that sheds light on the diverse perspectives surrounding moral choices.

Through engaging case studies and thought-provoking readings, this book delves into the depths of ethical interpretations and their implications in practical situations. Explore the contentious subject of abortion and the moral positions surrounding it. Is there a single absolute moral stance, or are there varying shades of gray? How do Christians leverage the power of Scripture to make decisions that reflect integrity? Does God’s ‘natural law’ govern the actions of all individuals, regardless of their beliefs? These are questions that ignite passionate debates, even within the evangelical Christian community.

In a world where secular and Christian worldviews collide, finding common ground can be challenging. The conflicting perspectives on matters that seem uncompromisable can be both confusing and unsettling. “Readings in Christian Ethics: Issues and Applications” serves as a compass, guiding you through this tumultuous terrain, providing insights and perspectives from various Christian traditions and ethical frameworks.

This book offers more than a theoretical exploration of Christian ethics; it invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-reflection and discernment. By examining real-life case studies and readings, you will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in making moral choices. You’ll learn to navigate the tension between the moral absolutes grounded in faith and the practical realities of a rapidly changing world.

Whether you are a student, a theologian, or a curious believer seeking clarity, “Readings in Christian Ethics: Issues and Applications” is an invaluable resource. It equips you to engage in meaningful conversations, bridging the gap between the secular and the sacred, and empowering you to make ethically sound decisions in an ever-evolving society.

Don’t let the complexities of Christian ethics leave you bewildered. Discover the guidance you seek within the pages of this enlightening book. Order your copy of “Readings in Christian Ethics: Issues and Applications” today and embark on a journey towards moral discernment, bridging the divide between faith and action. Together, let’s uncover the transformative power of Christian ethics in our lives and the world around us.

Robert Rakestraw & David Clark
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“This reader will help evangelical ethics get up to speed by forcing us to sort out issues of method in relation to matters of application.” Clark H. Pinnock, McMaster Divinity College

Essays explore how interpretations affect casuistry, and cover issues related to abortion, reproductive technologies, euthanasia, sexuality, race, gender, social justice, the environment, civil disobedience, capital punishment, and war.

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