There is urgent need for revival in the church as body and in the lives of individual Christian. A Christian must hunger and thirst for spiritual growth. Many Christians are in a state of spiritual slumber. We must wake up or end up in hell. When there is revival, people show concern for where they will spend eternity; they begin to hunger and thirst after God in earnest. To make heaven, Christians must make every necessary sacrifice to get revived. This book is a wake-up call for those who are in spiritual slumber. It is a pointer to the part we must take and the pitfalls we must avoid if we must be revived. One thing is sure, if you digest the contents of this book and say the prayers with your whole heart, you will know, and neighbours will testify that something new has happed in your life.

Dr. Daniel OLUKOYA

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Title: Revival: A Call to Spiritual Awakening


  1. The need for Reawakening
  2. Hunger for Reawakening
  3. Personal spiritual Reawakening
  4. Igniting revival fire
  5. The vessels of Reawakening
  6. When there is Reawakening
  7. Enemies of Reawakening
  8. The end time Reawakening
  9. Paralysing wicked revivals
  10. Benefits of Reawakening

Introduction: This book urgently calls for revival within the church and in the lives of individual Christians. The need for spiritual growth is emphasized, as many Christians find themselves in a state of spiritual slumber.

The Cry for Reawakening” In the church as a body and in individual lives, there is a pressing need for revival. Christians must actively hunger and thirst for spiritual growth to avoid spiritual complacency.

“Awakening from Slumber” Many Christians are in a state of spiritual slumber, risking an undesirable fate. This chapter emphasizes the crucial wake-up call, urging readers to avoid pitfalls and actively seek revival.

 “The Pursuit of God” Revival sparks a genuine concern for one’s eternal destination. Believers, when revived, passionately hunger and thirst for a deeper connection with God. Making heaven requires making necessary sacrifices.

“A Sacrificial Path to Reawakening” To achieve revival, Christians must be willing to make every necessary sacrifice. This chapter serves as a guide, pointing to the path one must take and the pitfalls to avoid in the pursuit of spiritual awakening.

Conclusion: “A Transformed Life” By digesting the book’s contents and wholeheartedly engaging in the provided prayers, readers are promised a profound transformation. The result will be evident in their lives, affirmed not only by personal realization but also by the testimony of those around them

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