Safeguarding Your Home

It is no longer news that the home has been under severe attacks. Marriage and the family have been receiving deadly blows from Satan and his angels.
Many people have suffered terribly due to lack of knowledge concerning what it takes to safeguard their homes.

The author has provided a spiritual disinfectant from keeping the home safe and healthy. The prayer points, the biblical teachings and the practical illustrations will show you the steps which you must take in order to make your home enjoy complete immunity from satanic attacks.

Dr. Daniel OLUKOYA

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Title: Title: “Safeguarding Your Home: A Spiritual Defense”

Table of contents

1. The unprofitable leakage

2. Ten trusts that the devil does not want you to know

3. Blood on the doorpost

4. Deepsecrets deep deliverance

5. Prayers that put strangers to flight

6. Safeguarding your home

Introduction: In the face of severe attacks on homes, marriages, and families, this book addresses the onslaught from Satan and provides crucial knowledge for safeguarding homes.

Chapter 1: “Recognizing the Threats” Unveiling the deadly blows inflicted by Satan, the book sheds light on the suffering caused by a lack of knowledge in safeguarding homes.

Chapter 2: “Author’s Spiritual Disinfectant” The author presents a spiritual disinfectant to protect homes from harm. Through prayer points, biblical teachings, and practical illustrations, readers learn steps to ensure complete immunity from satanic attacks.

Chapter 3: “Prayer Points for Protection” Explore specific prayer points aimed at fortifying your home. The book guides you in actively engaging with spiritual practices to establish a protective shield around your family.

Chapter 4: “Biblical Teachings for a Healthy Home” Delve into biblical teachings that serve as a foundation for building a healthy and resilient home. The active application of these teachings is essential for safeguarding against spiritual threats.

Chapter 5: “Practical Illustrations of Safeguarding” Through practical illustrations, the book demonstrates real-life scenarios, providing tangible examples of how to implement safeguards and fortify your home against potential attacks.

Conclusion: “Building Immunity” By following the outlined steps, engaging in prayer, and applying biblical principles, readers can actively build immunity against satanic attacks, ensuring a safe and healthy home.

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