Smith Wigglesworth on Anointing

Discover the incredible power of God’s anointing with Smith Wigglesworth’s teachings! Unlock the secret to experiencing healing in body, soul, and spirit through the gifts of the Spirit.

With Smith Wigglesworth’s guidance, you can achieve success in witnessing to others, gain a growing knowledge of God’s will, and develop authority over evil spirits. The anointing’s healing power will transform your life and help you do greater works for the glory of God.

Experience the joys of living in His anointing and watch as your spiritual life becomes more fruitful. With Smith Wigglesworth’s insights, you’ll be empowered to live a life of abundance and achieve the miraculous. Don’t wait, start your journey to greater spiritual fulfillment today!

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Smith Wigglesworth unlocks the secret of God’s anointing that brings healing to body, soul and spirit. Discover the joys of experience…
The Gifts of the Spirit
Success in Witnessing to Others
A Growing Knowledge of God’s Will
Authority over evil spirits
Its healing power
As you live in His anointing, your spiritual life will become more fruitful as you will be empowered to do “greater works” for the glory of God.

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