Snake in the Power House

This book addresses a subject that makes a great difference between total victory and defeat in the battle of life. It teaches us that no one can overcome the enemy without, without dealing with the enemy within. A lot of people have lost sight of the fact that Christian living and spiritual warfare are two sides of a coin that is needed for permanent victory. The author makes a clarion call to holiness and makes a passionate plea for a revival of righteousness. You cannot read this book and remain the same. It will create in you a hunger and thirst for inner and outward holiness, which will in turn become a spiritual insecticide against all forms of physical and spiritual problems. Read it and experience resounding victor.

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Chapter 1: The snake in the power house

  • What is power ?
  • Why do we need the power of God in our lives ?
  • What to do
  • Prayer points

Chapter 2: Your private sodom

  • Prayer points

Chapter 3: Though hand join in hand

  • Strange murder
  • Unavoidable consequences
  • The missing button
  • Prayer points

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