That God May Be All in All

By (author)Andrew Murray

Unlock the secrets to a deeper Christian life through the profound wisdom of Andrew Murray‘s three powerful Keswick sermons preached in 1895. In this captivating book, you will embark on a journey that will forever change your spiritual walk.

The first sermon, “Carnal and Spiritual,” unveils the path to leaving behind the carnal life and embracing a truly spiritual existence as a Christian. Murray’s insightful teachings will guide you to shed the limitations of the flesh and experience the abundant life in the Spirit.

“The Pathway to the Higher Life,” the second sermon, illuminates the way to a closer, more intimate relationship with God. Through Murray’s words, you will discover practical steps and heartfelt encouragement to cultivate a deeper communion with the Divine, leading to a life of profound joy and peace.

In the third sermon, “That God May Be All in All,” Murray delves into the heart of surrender and invites you to let God have preeminence in every aspect of your life. Through his profound insights and inspired teachings, you will learn how to yield your will, desires, and ambitions to God’s perfect plan, experiencing the fullness of His presence and power.

Additionally, this book includes two testimonies given by Rev. Murray at Keswick Conventions of 1892 and 1895, offering firsthand accounts of the transformative power of the deeper Christian life. Moreover, Murray’s teaching on the subject further enriches your understanding and provides practical guidance on how to live a life fully surrendered to God.

As you delve into the pages of “That God May Be All in All,” you will feel the presence of the fiery and anointed preacher, Andrew Murray, speaking directly to your heart. His words will ignite a fire within you, stirring a deep longing for holiness and spiritual power. You will be edified, encouraged, and equipped to embark on a new level of faith and intimacy with God.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom of Andrew Murray. Order your copy of “That God May Be All in All” today and let its transformative teachings guide you towards a life filled with divine encounters, spiritual growth, and the fullness of God’s love. Embrace this journey and witness the beauty of God’s presence permeating every aspect of your existence.



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Title: That God May Be All in All

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