The 33 Irrevocable Laws of Wealth Creation

The intention of this book is not to get you excited but show you why believers need to apply the Laws of Wealth Creation.

It is God’s desire to bless people and give them the ability to create wealth so that they can serve His kingdom, enjoy their personal life, help their family and touch their generation.

However today, a religious spirit has perverted the Word of God and made any attempt to create wealth to be seen as covetousness. The devil rejoices because this renders the Church impotent. In a world where money talks, the Church is unable to effectively evangelise.

In this insightful and challenging publication, Matthew Ashimolowo highlights more than 30 laws of wealth creation and discusses the personal steps every believer must take to create wealth and become a blessing to their generation.

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  1. The Law of Creative Mentoring
  2. The Law of Longing
  3. The Law of Purpose
  4. The Law of Enrichment
  5. The Law of Entrepreneurship
  6. The law of small beginnings
  7. The law of courage
  8. The law of risk
  9. The law of unusual positivity
  10. The law of persistence
  11. The Law of Divine Assistance
  12. The Law of Time Management
  13. The law of the intellect
  14. The law of creative power
  15. The Law of Divine Endowments
  16. The Law of the Mark
  17. The law of discipline
  18. The law of <<Important Things First>>
  19. The Law of Synergy
  20. The Law of Management
  21. The Law of Communication
  22. The Law of Generosity
  23. The Law of Diversification
  24. The Law of Harnessing
  25. The Law of Excellence
  26. The law of opportunity
  27. The law of maximization
  28. The law of abundance
  29. The law of persistence
  30. The law of values
  31. The law of competitive advantage
  32. The law of income
  33. The law of investment



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