The Best Breakfast : I Can Read Level 1

Introducing Breakfast for Everyone, the heartwarming tale of Peck the chubby desert quail who learns a valuable lesson about acceptance and friendship. This delightful story is the latest addition to the highly acclaimed I Can Read™ series, designed to help young readers build confidence and develop their reading skills.

With its charming illustrations and engaging storyline, Breakfast for Everyone is sure to capture the hearts of children and parents alike. This level-two reader is perfect for kids who are beginning to read independently, with simple vocabulary and easy-to-follow sentences.

But what makes Breakfast for Everyone truly special is its uplifting message about embracing diversity and celebrating our differences. Peck discovers that despite his disappointment at his friends not sharing his seed pancakes, he can still enjoy their company and appreciate the unique contributions each friend brings to the breakfast table.

At a time when acceptance and understanding are more important than ever, Breakfast for Everyone is a wonderful tool for parents and educators to help teach children about the value of friendship and the beauty of diversity. Order your copy today and share the joy of Breakfast for Everyone with your little ones!

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Meet Peck, a chubby desert quail who just wants to have his friends over for a morning meal. Breakfast for Everyone is the latest entry in the popular I Can Read™ line of books for young readers. Intended for level-two readers, Breakfast for Everyone is educational, entertaining, and it has a lovely message about accepting each other’s differences—differences that are God’s plan for us. Peck has made seed pancakes and invited all his friends over for breakfast. But each guest shows up with something different—from grass salad to lizard soup—and Peck’s disappointed that no one’s sharing his pancakes. Then he remembers that God made us all different on purpose, and that friendship is the very best thing to share!

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