The Blood Triumph

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

There is something about the Blood of Jesus that made it acceptable to God for the eternal remission of sin. There is something about the Blood of Jesus that scares the devil to death! There is so much, about the blood of Jesus. In this powerful book that you have in your hands, Dr. David Oyedepo takes us on a light-full trail of the mysteries of the Blood of Jesus, for an unquestionable, victorious Christian living. You will also discover what manifold riches and blessings the Blood of Jesus has delivered to you who were once in abject poverty and penury.
You are in for an unforgettable encounter!
“The blood of Jesus is your guarantee for bail. It offers you the privilege of being discharged and acquitted, so that you can walk in liberty all the days of your life.” “Every time you say, ‘The Blood of Jesus’, you are bringing God’s very life on the scene.”  “By the Blood connection, we now enjoy the status that Jesus possesses.”
“The blood is able to give you instant , on-the-spot deliverance from any form of sickness and disease”


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Chapter 1: Return to Eden

Chapter 2: What is in the blood?

Chapter 3: The redemptive value of the blood

Chapter 4: The triumph of the blood

Chapter 5: The unbeatable trinity

Chapter 6: Now use it

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