The Book God’s General: God the lifter of men

We embark on a deeply personal and profound exploration of the Holy Spirit—a subject close to my heart. Throughout history, select individuals have developed an intimate relationship with this mysterious ancient Spirit, regardless of their societal background. These chosen vessels have experienced remarkable levels of impact, leaving a void when they depart and leading to a decline in understanding the Holy Spirit’s true nature. Yet, time and again, the Spirit identifies new individuals to showcase His identity and demonstrate His boundless capabilities to the world.

As I delve into teaching about the Holy Spirit, I urge you to approach this topic with sensitivity. Prepare to encounter spiritual realms and dimensions that will astonish you. The Holy Spirit, also known as the Spirit of the Living God, holds infinite revelations waiting to be discovered.

My personal journey with God began without seeking fame, power, or a ministry. It was a sincere pursuit, even though blind at first. I sensed that there was more to God, and perhaps my life could be a revelation to my generation. As I attended church, I witnessed powerful sermons addressing the love and healing power of God. Yet, amidst the eloquence, I observed sick, confused, and oppressed individuals in need. This led me to hear the voice of the Lord, declaring, ‘I am drawing you closer, beckoning you to deeper levels of intimacy with Me.’

Join me on this transformative journey as we uncover the depths of the Holy Spirit’s presence and experience His divine influence like never before.

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The Book God’s General: God the lifter of men

We are going to be dealing with a subject that is personal and so dear to me. We are going to be exploring the subject of the Holy Spirit and in every generation it seems like there are a few people who seemed to come into a level of relationship with this strange ancient Spirit and by whatever means.

Regardless their sociological orientations, He seems to have raised them to strange levels of impact. Then you find out that when they leave, it looks like there is a decline in the understanding of His person again and then once and again He will find someone else whom He will use as a specimen to show the nations who He is and what He is able to do.

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