The Breakthrough Power of Vision

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

Vision simply means taking delivery of God’s plans and purposes for our lives. Until God’s plan for our lives unfold, our destines remain hidden. However, it is one thing to take delivery of a vision, and yet another to accomplish it to the fullest.

That is why Dr David Oyedepo unveils, in this book, fundamental keys required to take delivery of a heavenly vision, pursue same and see it fulfilled to the fullest on earth.

In his word: As you follow the principles written in this book, you will fulfil God’ plan for your life and say like Jesus, “It is finished” at the end of your journey on earth!


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Chapter 1: What viion?

Chapter 2: Defining the limits of vision

Chapter 3: How to discover God’s Plan

Chapter 4: Running with the vision

Chapter 5: Keeping your vision alive

Chapter 6: Fulfilment of vision

Chapter 7: The trainning Factor

Chapter 8: The mentorship factor

Chapter 9: Prophetic connections

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