The communion and leaging of the Holy Spirit

I believe that the Holy Spirit has done a good work through this small book in giving you an understanding that will revolutionize and make you outstanding in life. Cultivate a genuine hunger and thirst for the Holy Spirit today and you will see how things are going to move fast and easy in your life. May the communion of Holy Spirit and the love of God be with you, Amen!
Remain blessed!

Victor Charles OKAFOR

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Table of contents

Chapiter I: What is communion with the holy spirit ?

Chapter 2: The holy spirit and your response

Chapter 3: Different ways the Holy Spirit calls for Communion

Chapter 4: Ingredients for genuine communion with the holy spirit

Chapter 5: Examples of those who were led by the Holy Spirit in the Bible

Chapter 6: Ways of Holy Spirit leading

Chapter 7: How to build your Spirit for communion and the leading of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 8: Conclusion and prayers


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