The exceeding riches of his grace

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

The world has long waited for this season: the moment the church will take its rightful place, hold the reins of power and provide solutions to the world’s multifold woes. This is the era of exceeding and unsurpassable greatness in the body of Christ, when the saints of God are ourfitted to manifest the redemptive treasures of the kingdom for the rescue of the world around them. This is the realm of glorification for the saints. Such glorious realm, howbeit, cannot be attained in the energy of the flesh. It is grace that makes great; and exceeding grace it is that makes exceedingly great.

ln this epic book, Dr David Oyedepo unrravels the unmatchable riches of God’s grace with a fervour that will drive every believer to plunge into its unlimited provisions. He maintains that there is no limit to the heights the exceeding grace of God can take any man. You can go beyond the limits and fly to unthinkable horizons.


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Chapter 1: What Is Exceeding Grace?

Chapter 2: How Exceeding Is the Grace Of Salvation?

Chapter 3: Covenant Access to Redemptive Treasures

Chapter 4: Provoking Exceeding Grace Through Prayer

Chapter 5: Provoking Exceeding Grace Through Divine Guidance

Chapter 6: How to Maximise Revelation

Chapter 7: Accessing Exceeding Grace via the Covenant

Chapter 8: Treasures of Financial Fortune in Redemption

Chapter 9: Why Does God Bless?

Chapter 10: How God Blesses 149

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