The Famous Five Adventures : A Lazy After Noon (GUIDE BLITON)

Introducing the latest addition to your Famous Five collection – A Lazy Afternoon! Enid Blyton’s classic short story featuring your favorite gang is now available in a stunning individual volume, complete with brand new illustrations by Jamie Littler.

Join the Famous Five on a lazy afternoon filled with mystery and adventure. The scorching heat has left the gang craving peace and quiet, but when men on motorbikes start causing a ruckus, it’s up to the Famous Five to uncover their mischievous plan.

Experience the excitement of this original and complete text, published for the first time in an individual volume. Add A Lazy Afternoon to your Famous Five collection and relive the thrilling escapades of Julian, Dick, George, Anne, and Timmy the dog. Perfect for fans of all ages, this book is a must-have for Enid Blyton enthusiasts and mystery lovers alike!

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It’s so terribly hot, the Famous Five adventures are having a lazy afternoon… but the gang don’t get the peace and quiet they imagined!
What are the men on the motorbikes up to? Can they be stopped?
In addition to the Famous Five novels, Enid Blyton wrote a clutch of short stories based on the characters. These were published in magazines and collected in the Famous Five Short Story Collection (Hodder). For the first time, the complete and original text of A Lazy Afternoon (1956) appears in an individual volume, illustrated with brand new colour art by Jamie Littler.


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