The Famous Five Adventures : Good Old Timmy (GUIDE BLITON)

Celebrate World Book Day with a thrilling adventure alongside the Famous Five! This special edition book features three captivating short stories by the legendary Enid Blyton, all with brand new illustrations by the talented Laura Ellen Anderson. Get ready for an exciting read with “Good Old Timmy”, as the Five witness a boy being kidnapped at the beach and embark on a rescue mission. With Timmy the dog by their side, can they unravel the mystery and save the day? Join the Famous Five on this action-packed journey filled with suspense and excitement. Get your copy of this must-read book today!

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“The Famous Five Adventures : Good Old Timmy”, this special World Book Day book contains three of Enid Blyton’s page-turning short stories about the Famous Five, with fantastic new illustrations by Laura Ellen Anderson (illustrator of Witch Wars). In Good Old Timmy, after the five see a boy being kidnapped at the beach and set out to rescue him. But where have the kidnappers hidden the boy? Could Timmy lead them to the answer?

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