The famous five : Five Have go off in caravan

By (author)Enid Blyton

Looking for an exciting adventure for your children to enjoy? Look no further than “The Famous Five: Five Go Off in a Caravan”. In this classic tale, Julian, Dick, Anne, George and their new friend Ned embark on a caravanning holiday to Merran Lake, where they encounter all sorts of fascinating animals and people.

But their fun vacation takes a turn for the dramatic when they discover that their caravan is parked above a network of caves where stolen valuables are hidden by two crooks. With the help of Ned, Timmy the dog, and a chimpanzee named Pongo, the five children must outsmart the criminals and save the day.

“The Famous Five: Five Go Off in a Caravan” is an exciting story full of suspense, friendship, and adventure that will keep your children on the edge of their seats. Get your copy today and let your kids experience the thrill of camping and the excitement of a good mystery.

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The Famous Five are holidaying at the family house of Julian, Dick and Anne. They befriend an orphaned circus boy, Ned, who is in a procession of horse-drawn circus caravans. This inspires George to suggest a caravanning holiday. Julian’s parents assent and hire two caravans for the children.

They travel to Merran Lake, where they are reacquainted with Ned and meet various animals. The Five camp on a hillside, much to the annoyance of Ned’s guardian, Tiger Dan (called Uncle Dan by Ned), and an acrobat named Lou, who want them to leave. One of the caravans of the children is directly above the entrance to a network of caves, where Tiger Dan and Lou have hidden stolen valuables. Assisted by Ned, Timmy and a chimpanzee named Pongo, the four children manage to outwit the crooks. After the criminals are arrested, Nobby leaves the circus to live with a local farming couple and look after their horses.

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