The Foundations of our Faith

By (author)ULF EKMAN

We are living in a time when the Christian message is being increasingly watered down and misrepresented. The age-old Juedo-Christian norms no longer serve as signposts of community life and law, and are being called into question even by leaders in the church.

Because of this, it has become ever more important to clearly establish what classical Christian faith is actually built upon and defend and uphold its fundamental truths and spiritual realities.

Quoting from the creeds, Ulf Ekman gives an objective and biblical account of each fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith. These doctrines form the cornerstones, pillars and infrastructure for the temple, which is the body of Christ.

The truths of God will stand forever, whatsoever should come against them. The Foundations of our Faith is an asset for every pastor and leader, but also for all believers who want to have a solid, biblical foundation for their faith.

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