The Healing Anointing

Looking to unlock the full potential of divine healing? Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s new book, “Receive What Belongs to You,” is your key to understanding the power of the healing anointing and its role in receiving God’s blessings.

This insightful guide draws parallels between the natural power of electricity and the supernatural healing power of God. Hagin explains how both operate according to laws that govern their effectiveness, and how by understanding these laws, believers can harness the power of God to drive out sickness, disease, and any yoke of bondage in their lives.

One of the most powerful tools for activating the healing anointing is the laying on of hands, but there are many other methods to access this miraculous power. Hagin also teaches readers how to work in conjunction with their faith to effect the desired result and receive what rightfully belongs to them.

If you’re looking to experience the fullness of God’s healing power, then “Receive What Belongs to You” is a must-read. Let Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin guide you on a journey of faith and discovery, and help you unlock the supernatural healing power of God in your life. Get your copy today and start experiencing the transformative power of the healing anointing!

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Receive What Belongs to You! Many believers understand the operation of faith and the role it must play in receiving healing or other blessings outlined in the Word. But too few understand the operation of the healing anointing or the healing power of God and the role it plays in divine healing.

In this book, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin explains the similarities of electricity—natural power—and the supernatural healing power of God. Both of these powers operate effectively and benefit mankind through his understanding of the laws that govern them.

For example, did you know that the healing anointing: Is transmitted through various methods, one of which is the laying on of hands? Works in conjunction with a person’s faith to effect the desired result? Is powerful enough to drive out sickness and disease and destroy any yoke of bondage in a person’s life? Learn how to cooperate with the healing power of God—and receive what belongs to you!

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