The law of faith

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

Many believers have been unable, try as they may, to stand on the word of God and make their faith produce.

True, several have put the word into action, and waited for results which never chese categories of believers are left hovering between two notions.

On the other hand, they may be wondering what is wrong with the word of faith preached to them, and on the other hand, whether they are ever to make it in faith realm. For such beliers, this is an invaluable book.


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Title: The law of faith




Chapter 1: Medium of Operation

Chapter 2: Medium of Expression

Chapter 3: Scene of Operation

Chapter 4: Medium of Growth

Chapter 5: Essential Supplements To Faith: Love

Chapter 6: Essential Supplements To Faith: Keep to Your Source

Chapter 7: Essential Supplements To Faith: Be relaxed

Chapter 8: Essential Supplements To Faith: The Act of Praise

Chapter 9: Essential Supplements To Faith: Abstain From Sin

Chapter 10: Essential Supplements To Faith: Gladness to serve

“Despite their earnest efforts, many believers find themselves struggling to stand firmly on the promises of God and witness the manifestation of their faith. While some have diligently applied the principles of God’s Word, patiently anticipating results that remain elusive, these believers are caught in a perplexing dilemma, oscillating between doubt and expectation.

This invaluable book addresses the concerns of those who, on one hand, question the efficacy of the preached word of faith and, on the other hand, grapple with uncertainties about their ability to navigate the faith realm successfully. Dr. David Oyedepo, in his characteristic depth of insight, unveils the essential keys to unlocking the full potential of faith and translating it into tangible results.

Within these pages, believers will discover practical wisdom and transformative principles that bridge the gap between faith and manifestation. This book serves as a beacon of guidance for those who seek to navigate the nuances of faith with clarity and confidence. As readers delve into its pages, they will find a roadmap to propel them from a state of uncertainty to a realm where faith becomes a powerful force, shaping their reality and yielding the desired outcomes. (The law of faith)


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