The Mystery of the Ark: How a Man Can Host GOD

I have two assignments that will challenge and inspire you. The first is to believe that you, as a man, can host God within you and become a mobile Ark. Just as those before you gathered the elements and obeyed His commands, you too can experience the resting glory of His presence. The anointing of the Spirit is not random; it can manifest through individuals who carry His presence.

Imagine being a carrier of His presence, taking it with you wherever you go. Those who oppose you, who are like the Philistines, will soon realize the power they are contending with. You won’t need to declare your strength; the devil himself will witness the consequences, just as the Philistines experienced when they took the ark. The silent ark brought havoc to the enemy’s camp. Similarly, when the ark was brought to the house of Obededom, his life and his family’s life turned around dramatically within 90 days. This means that if you are employed, within three months of being in that position, things should begin to happen as a testament to the arrival of the ark.

How can you become a mobile ark? Discover the answer within the pages of this book.

Sitting idly and waiting for God to do everything is a mere joke. Just as it took man to build the ark, it will also take your active participation to create a conducive space for Him. This book will guide you in understanding your role and the steps to take in hosting His presence and experiencing the transformation it brings.

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The Mystery of the Ark: How a Man Can Host GOD

I have two assignments here, one to challenge you that; Men can host God, you can become a mobile Ark. Gather the elements that they gathered, obey what they obeyed and the glory will rest upon you. The same way it rested upon them, the anointing of the Spirit does not work at random.

An individual can be a carrier of His presence. You can take that presence everywhere. Anybody who drags you, who is a Philistines will soon know what he carried. You don’t have to tell people I’m dangerous. Let the devil try you and what happened to the Philistines when they took the ark, will happen to them. The ark that was not talking was bringing havoc in the camp of the enemy. But when the same ark was taken to the house of Obededom, in 90 days his life and that of his family turned around experientially.That means if you are employed, in three months of you being in that office, there are things that should begin to happen as a testament that the ark has arrived.

How do I become a mobile ark? Find out in this book.

The participatory role that you have to play, sitting down in waiting for God to do everything is a joke. It took man to build the ark, it will take you to make that place conducive for Him.

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