The Mystery of water Cure

One of the most abundant resources on earth is water and of all things God created, water is one force that is capable of absorbing the power of God. As God is interested in water also is the enemy of our soul, the devil. This is so because he knows tha little will be achieved on earth without water and that over seventy five parent ot the human boby is made up of water. Hence, the devil uses it to manipulate the life of man. That is why everyone must be adequately informed about how to use the water of God tou counter the attacks of the enemy.

The Book in your hand opens your eyes to the efficacy of water as a powerful tool of delivrance and healing in the hands of the almighty God.

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Chapter 1: The mystery of water cure

Chapter 2: A Great Mystery

Chapter 3: Fact about water

Chapter 4: The symbols of water

Chapter 5: The mystery of water

Chapter 6: The spiritual properties of water

Chapter 7: The Divine purpose

Chapter 8: The wonder of water

Chapter 9: Healing Waters

Chapter 10: Our Mysterious  Battle

Chapter 11: The Mystery of the water:  water against water

Chapter 12: The Fact about our fight

Chapter 13: The 3 houses and the walls

Chapter 14: The powers of the anoited water

Chapter 15: Live giving water

Chapter 16: Prayer guide for the anointing

Chapter 17: Prayer session

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