The Price of Spiritual Power: A Collection of Four Complete Bestsellers in One Volume

By (author)Roberts Liardon

Four Favorites in One Volume!

If you are serious about moving closer to God and doing what it takes to have a deeper walk with Jesus, here are four Roberts Liardon titles in one volume that will help you to get there!

Holding to the Word of the Lord will teach you how to hold on to what God has told you and to move forward in victory.

The Quest for Spiritual Hunger will point the way to a deeper, more intimate relationship with God and the victory that comes with it.

The Price of Spiritual Power will light the path to holiness and spiritual power.

Spiritual Timing will insure that you not only do the right thing, but that you do it at the right time, in God’s timing, where victory dwells.

Blessed with a gift of unusually strong preaching, Roberts Liardon has answered a worldwide calling of God, which came to him when he was an eight-year-old boy. Having preached in more than eighty nations around the world, Roberts founded Roberts Liardon Ministries, along with the multifaceted outreaches of Embassy Christian Center, Embassy Ministerial Association, Spirit Life Bible College, and Operation 500. As a best-selling author, Roberts has expanded his ministry to the printed page. His four-dozen-plus books have been translated into over fifty languages and circulated throughout the world.

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