The Secret Power

Step into the realm of greatness with “The Secret Power” by Dwight L. Moody. A true gem in the Classics library, this timeless work unveils the profound wisdom and practical application of God’s power in every Christian’s life. Moody’s eloquence weaves a tapestry of beauty, while his words resonate with simplicity and relevance.

Within these pages, you will find the key to tapping into the limitless power of God, enabling you to live a life that is rich, deep, and abundantly fulfilling. Moody understood that the Secret Power of the Holy Spirit has often been overlooked, deemed impractical. He believed that this neglect resulted in a lack of power in testimony and work, leaving many to toil without purpose.

No earthly force can revive a dead soul except the same power that raised Jesus Christ from Joseph’s sepulcher. If we desire to see our friends, lost in the darkness of sin, experience this resurrection power, we must look to God alone. Relying solely on ministers or disciples will lead to disappointment. Instead, we must turn our gaze to the Spirit of God, expecting His power to manifest and accomplish His work.

May God reveal this truth to us. Have you toiled tirelessly, only to come up empty-handed? Cast your net on the right side, seek God’s forgiveness, and beseech Him to anoint you with power from on high. However, understand that this power is not bestowed upon the impatient or the selfish. It is reserved for those who have emptied themselves of pride and worldly ambitions. Let your pursuit be for God’s glory alone, and He will shower you with His blessings.

Imagine the measure of that blessing a measure that knows no bounds. It is a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, as described in Luke 6:38. This is the promise that awaits those who embrace “The Secret Power” and surrender themselves to the divine authority.

Join the countless souls who have been transformed by this revelatory work. Let “The Secret Power” guide you to a life of purpose, filled with the abundant blessings that flow from God’s hand. May your journey be one of deep spiritual fulfillment and unwavering joy.

Order your copy of “The Secret Power” today and embark on a life-changing adventure. God’s power awaits, ready to unleash miracles beyond your imagination. Let this book be the catalyst for transformation and the conduit for God’s extraordinary work in your life.

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In his book, “Secret Power,” D. L. Moody reveals the power behind the “flame,” this divine force, as the working of the Holy Spirit in the heart of a man. He believed that this power was received from God when we are completely emptied of self, ready to serve the will of God. He saw it expressed as a balance between zeal and knowledge and that too often Christians would tend to gravitate to one extreme or the other, resulting in division and fruitlessness in their lives and gospel work, sometimes even bringing reproach upon the name of Christ. Moody embraced his call to surrender his all to Christ and freely preach the gospel to the world.   Secret Power was one of the earliest books published by D. L. Moody (1881). Within these pages, it should become clear that the anointing power, which attended the ministry of this man of God, was the Holy Spirit.  Our earnest desire in republishing Secret Power as one of our Pure Gold Classics is that each reader would be encouraged and inspired to “seek the Lord while He may be found.” (Isa. 55:6) and receive the power of His Spirit to live a holy life before God and man, sharing the truth of salvation to all people.   I’ve also included a study guide to further direct readers in their journey through this great classic and to holy living through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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