The Wealth Transfer Agenda

The Wealth Transfer Agenda is written with uncommon insight, practical attention to details, powerful scriptural exposition and rare prophetic perception. These have made the book a classic in every sense of the word.
In keeping with the divine programme which centres on making wealth to change hands from the camp of the ungodly to the camp of the righteous. The Wealth Transfer Agenda unveils deep mysteries on wealth. It details prophetic guidelines which if acted upon will turn a pauper to a prince and those living in penury to specimens of divine abundance and prosperity.

With this book in your hands you are going to experience unprecedented prosperity which will re-write your entire history.

Dr. Daniel OLUKOYA

Read free extracts from the book “The Wealth Transfer Agenda”.

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Contents of the book “The Wealth Transfer Agenda”.

Title page

Copyright et permissions

1.The wealth transfer agenda

2. Recovering the lost wealth

3. The blue print

4. The reality of God’s agenda

5. History of wealth transfer

6. The bane of ignorance

7. Arrows of wealth destruction

8. The wealth transfer strategy

Extract of the book “The Wealth Transfer Agenda”.

The “Wealth Transfer Agenda” is distinguished by its insightful approach, practical thoroughness and exceptional prophetic biblical exposition. Every page of this book proves to be a classic treasure, offering unparalleled wisdom in every aspect.

The divine essence of this program lies in the transformation of wealth, orchestrating the passage from those in the hands of the ungodly to those of the righteous. It is a manual that unveils the subtle mysteries that shroud wealth, delving deep into the details of prophetic guidance. These guidelines, when applied, have the power to transform a state of poverty into a position of royalty, making individuals in the grip of penury living examples of divine abundance and prosperity.

Each chapter of this book constitutes an in-depth exploration of the prophetic principles that guide the transfer of divine riches. The powerful teachings contained within these pages are not limited to a simple textbook, but offer a comprehensive vision to rewrite the financial history of those who follow it. Holding this book in your hands, prepare to experience unprecedented prosperity that will redefine your destiny and propel you to new heights of success. You are about to embrace an era where divine abundance and prosperity will become your daily reality, transforming your life in ways that will surpass all your expectations. Don’t miss the opportunity offered to you through this exceptional wealth transfer program.

Read free extracts from the book “The Wealth Transfer Agenda”.

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