The Winning Woman

This book “The Winning Woman,” was written to instill positive values for winning in women that will make them win all the time. The winning woman is the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31:10-13. Men and women were created in the image of God and made to manifest the glory and power of God on the earth. Be that as it may, God also purposed that every specie of His image should carry out their divinely appointed functions in ways that are unique to their nature. This explains why a woman responds differently to a situation from a man. In the marriage institution, sometimes problems arise in the home simply because the man does not understand the temperament of the woman or the woman does not realize that her husband is configured differently from her. These differences lead to unavoidable conflicts which if either party understands the temperament of the other, may just help them to solve their problems internally without involving a third party. In this book, we will examine the nature, temperament and character of the winning woman. As a woman, God expects you to be a glorious winning woman, running your home in the fear of the Lord and to the glory of God.

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