Three Great Errors in The Body of Christ

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Body of Christ: Deepening Your Understanding of the Ecclesia. In the body of Christ, the concept of the “ecclesia” and its operation remains largely misunderstood. While we acknowledge the gifts of the Spirit, accessing revelation, and experiencing prophetic and apostolic dimensions, it’s important to recognize the commendable efforts of God’s servants worldwide, including Nigeria. However, there are areas that require guidance and correction, and this is our mission. Delve into the profound meaning of the body of Christ, its purpose, and the power it holds—a power that cannot be fully realized in isolation. Discover the secrets and transformative potential that await when we grasp the true essence of the body. Read this book and embrace the blessings that come from understanding the intent of the body of Christ.

 Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

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Three Great Errors in The Body of Christ

The subject of the body of Christ is one that has not been very well understood, there has been few teachings and understanding in the body of Christ as far as the knowledge of this entity called ‘ecclesia’; the body of Christ and its operation. We know about the gift of the spirit, we know about accessing the spirit of revelation, we have experienced the dimension of the prophetic in the body of Christ and the Apostolic, and we must at this point take out time to commend the men and women of God across the world, and Nigeria specifically. To say we have not done a good job will be unfair, I know there are limitations, but sincerely, God has found men and women who have done much for Him.

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