Transform Your Pastoral Ministry

By (author)Dag heward-mills

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, a very successful pastor himself, explains why and how it is possible to make the pastoral ministry effective.

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Part I: Real Ministry

  • Why you should avoid a pseudo ministry
  • How you can achieve excellence in ministry

Part II: Prayer

  • Ten reasons why every minister should pray
  • Eighteen facts about spiritual warfare
  • Twenty ways to know your enemy so you can defeat him
  • Five ways for pastors to effectively
  • Six reasons for praying strategic bible prayers
  • Seven examples of praying fervently
  • Seven signs of fervent prayer
  • Nine steps to praying for a long time
  • Two steps to understanding intercession
  • Twenty Reasons Why every Pastors Needs an Intercessor
  • How to Intercede Against the Law of Degeneration
  • How to Intercede Against the Law of the World
  •  How to Intercede Against the Law of the Flesh?
  • How to Intercede Against the Law of the Elements?
  •  How to Intercede Against the Law of Humanity?
  •  How to Intercede Against the Law of Nature?
  •  How to Intercede Against the Law of the Devil?
  • How to Intercede Against the Law of Time?
  •  How to Intercede Against the Law of “Creeping Things”?
  •  How to Intercede Against the Law of Things determined ?
  •  How to Intercede Against the Law of the Stars?
  • How to Intercede about the Laws of God?
  •  Seven Signs  that show that you are engaged in travailing prayer
  • Chapter 26: Thirty-two Reasons Why I Pray in Tongues


  • Twelve Reasons Why a Pastor must Visit their sheep
  • Three Secrets behind the Power of Visitation
  •  Eight Guidelines for fruitful Visitation
  • Ten Rules for Visitation
  • Seven Tips that Make Visitation Easier
  • Five Visits That Have life-changing Power
  •  Five Visits that bring a Permanent Change
  • Five Visits that establish Church Members


  • Fifteen Keys to Becoming a successful Teacher of the Word
  •  Four Reasons Why Every Pastor Should see the Congregation as God’s Garden
  •  Seven Reasons Why a Pastor Should Teach in Series
  •  Four Keys to augment Your Teaching Ministry
  •  Seven Reasons Why Listening to tapes Will Transform Your Preaching Ministry
  • How to Establish Doctrine in the Church
  • Nine Reasons Why Pastors Should Preach the Word of God
  • Seven Reasons Why You should Teach Your Leaders
  •  Why You Must Avoid the “Pseudo Word” and the Doctrines of Devils


  •  Eight Reasons Why Interaction Is Important for every Church
  • How to Interact with People
  • Eight Ways you can Make People Feel Special
  • How to Encourage Interaction between Church Members
  •  P.V.T.I.



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