True Revivals and Born better Midnight

By (author)A. W. Tozer

Are you ready to embark on a spiritual journey that will redefine your relationship with God? Look no further than “True Revivals are Born After Midnight.” In this captivating book, renowned author A.W. Tozer unveils profound insights into the nature of spiritual renewal and the remarkable transformations it brings.

Tozer passionately argues that true spiritual gifts and graces are bestowed upon those who have a burning desire for them. It is those who are willing to dedicate themselves to fervent prayer, even in the darkest hours of the night, just before the first glimmer of dawn appears on the horizon. This pursuit becomes a sacred service and a great honor. These divine graces are reserved for those who genuinely yearn for a deeper connection with God.

Join Tozer on an awe-inspiring journey of faith that will challenge your perspective on life and your relationship with the Lord. “True Revivals are Born After Midnight” will inspire and empower you to take up your cross and follow the Lamb. Through thought-provoking insights and profound teachings, Tozer lays the philosophical cornerstones that define who God is and what makes Him truly remarkable.

This book breathes new life into your everyday spiritual journey, infusing it with a revivalist attitude of enthusiasm and devotion. A.W. Tozer encourages believers to make every act of life a simple yet glorious offering to God. By exploring the qualities of God and His expectations of humanity, each chapter will deepen your understanding of faith and ignite a profound sense of worshipful surrender to God’s will.

Prepare to embark on a transformative adventure with “True Revivals are Born After Midnight.” Let the words of A.W. Tozer guide you to a renewed faith, an enriched perspective, and a deeper connection with the divine. Order your copy today and discover the power of spiritual renewal that awaits you in the midnight hours. It’s time to embrace the extraordinary and experience a true revival in your life.



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