TurboStrategy: 21 Powerful Ways to Transform Your Business and Boost Your Profits Quickly

By (author)Brian Tracy

All the business wisdom in the world doesn’t matter if it doesn’t produce results. Whether your business is humming along fine or struggling to stay afloat, your company has more potential than the results show.

Brian Tracy has worked with more than 500 companies throughout the US, Canada, and 22 other countries. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to achieve spectacular results, and now he is helping businesses reach new levels of success in this book.

Companies in all industries can get on the fast track to more focused strategy, better planning, more powerful marketing and sales approaches, and higher profits. Tracy reveals the practical techniques that the most successful businesses use to thrive, even in the toughest markets.

In Turbostrategy, you will learn how to:

  • Maintain flexibility, the key to dealing with an ever-changing business landscape
  • Articulate your business’ vision, values, mission, purpose, and goals
  • Draw a line through the past and become your own turnaround specialist
  • Hire the best people and motivate them to excellent

Through 21 strategy points and dozens of examples, stories, and quotations from world-class thinkers and corporate leaders, Turbostrategy will show any company how to turbocharge its strategy and get its business firing on all cylinders.

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