Two Men From Eden-pdf

By (author)Morris Cerullo

Can two men walk together thousands of years apart? Can two men have completely parallel lives
though separated by 40 generations? Can two have the same start with the same power and position and one utterly fail while the other is triumphant? Can one man hold the keys to death while the other holds the key to eternal life? Can we really know if there is life after death? Can we really know what purpose there is to this life? Can we really know if someone has established an unbreakable pattern for this world? Can we really know if there is a personal God who concerns Himself with the day to day affairs of our lives? Has something happened in your life recently that you are hard pressed to explain? If so, perhaps it was a preparation for the experience you are about to have in reading this book.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Who’s Perfect?
Chapter 2 The Search for Answers
Chapter 3 The Road Begins
Chapter 4 The World’s Desperate “Sickness”
Chapter 5 Satan’s Greatest Challenge
Chapter 6 A Question of Lineage
Chapter 7 Parallels of Temptation
Chapter 8 The Breaking of Bread
Chapter 9 When is Sin Sin?
Chapter 10 Love’s Sacrifice
Chapter 11 Dominion Reclaimed
Chapter 12 One Final Foe
Chapter 13 A Night of Miracles
Chapter 14 Yesterday; Today, and Forever

  • A Challenge
  • A Postscript
  • Appendix

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