Understanding Financial Prosperity

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

Many people languish in poverty. Wishing to become one day, or having relations to get out of it. But Dr. Oyedepo vehemently certifies in this book that: “The question of luck or chance in the kingdom of God. Light is what makes all the difference, for we are all of equal destiny”.

It is to this light that the apostle of prosperity exposes you here. This book is the result of decades of research and practice on prosperity by a man who rocks:

“I am not a prosperity preacher, I am a prophet. God spoke clearly to me on a missionary trip to America in these words, Go home and make my people rich!”

That’s why what I teach has nothing to do with an ordinary prosperity theme. These are heavenly powers imparted to you, to make you a celebrity on earth.

Why? Because I am sent! I have seen God at work in the prosperity field since this mandate, and that is why he sent me: to make a change in the destiny of men.

I am sent, not only to teach it, but also to show it so that when you hear what God says through me and comply with it. You see free. Because: “By a prophet the Eternal brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet he was preserved”. God is ready to have your destiny preserved”.

Be ready for a flight into the world of untold wealth!


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Table of Contents

Part One: The Foundation of Prosperity

Chapter 1: Covenant Prosperity

Chapter 2: Consecration

Chapter 3: Dedication

Chapter 4: Addiction

Part Two: Why God prospers

Chapter 6: That You May Be a Source of Blessing

Chapter 7: For the Sake of His Kingdom

Chapter 8: In order to Bless the Poor

Chapter 9: Scriptural Evidence

Part Three: Our Prosperity Covenant

Chapter 10: The Word is a Seed

Chapter 11: Faith: Our Access to the Covenant

Chapter 12: Growth Meets Investment

Chapter 13: Financial Integrity

Part Four: How God prospers (The 7 Pillars of Prosperity)

Chapter 14: Giving

Chapter 15: Working

Chapter 16: Thinking

Chapter 17: Trusting

Chapter 18: Waiting

Chapter 19: Talking

Chapter 20: Thanking

Part Five: The Hidden Covenants

Chapter 21: Responsibility to Your Parents

Chapter 22: Responsibility to Your Family

Chapter 23: Keeping Your Eyes on the Plow

Chapter 24: Details to Watch Out For

Part Six: Conclusion

Chapter 25: The Proper Time

Chapter 26: The Blessings of the Giving Covenant

Chapter 27: Make a Choice

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