Understanding vision

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

Nothing gives meaning to life like vision. It heals a man of passive approach to living and delivers him from mediocrty. It offers clear sight into the future and energises him to take guided strides into accomplishing it.
Dr David Oyedepo, a profound author and teacher in this all important subject, takes vision out of the realm of the mysterious to the plainness of everyday application. He teaches a pratical, step-by step approach to locating vision and pursuing it with precision.
In God’s ground scheme, there’s a plan peculiar to you, a purpose you were designed to fulfil. It is time for you to locate your placement. That is the path to your disstinction in life.


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Chapter 1: What is vision

Chapter 2: The God appointed vision

Chapter 3: Securing a vision

Chapter 4: Proving the vision

Chapter 5: Spiritual sensitivity

Chapter 6: The place of planning

Chapter 7: The appointed time

Chapter 8: The appointed place

Chapter 9: The pursuit of vision

Chapter 10: Conclusion

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