When you need a change

This book is written for those who desperately stand in need of divine intervention. It is a powerful weapon of change. The chapters are structured to highlight change as inevitable experience. You will discover that change requires a divine human partnership being put in place. This book will jolt you to consciousness and awaken in your heart a great desire to move forward in life. The prayer points will signal the beginning of a new era.

Dr. Daniel OLUKOYA

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Title: Catalyzing Transformation: “When You Need a Change”


  • When Life Calls for Transformation
  • The strange acts of God
  • The truth you cannot avoid
  • Wolves, serpents, scorpions
  • The baptism of the Holy spirit
  • An unforgettable encounter
Introduction: A Beacon of Hope for Desperate Souls

“When Life Calls for Transformation” extends a lifeline to those yearning for divine intervention. This book, a formidable weapon of change, navigates the labyrinth of transformation. Structured to illuminate change as an inevitable journey, it champions the notion that change necessitates a divine-human partnership. Brace yourself for a journey that jolts consciousness and ignites an unwavering desire for progress.

1. The Desperate Need for Change: A Call to Transformation

Within the pages of this book lies a poignant exploration of the desperate need for change. It serves as a clarion call, resonating with individuals at the crossroads, urging them to embrace transformation as an inevitable and enriching experience.

2. Change as Divine Intervention: Navigating Life’s Transformative Path

Discover the profound wisdom that underscores change as a divine intervention. The book becomes a compass, guiding readers through the intricate path of transformation, emphasizing the synergy required between the divine and human realms.

3. Inevitability of Change: Embracing Life’s Constant Flux

Championing the inevitability of Transformation, each chapter unfolds a narrative that celebrates life’s constant flux. Readers are invited to recognize change not as a threat but as a companion on the journey, beckoning them toward growth and evolution.

4. Divine-Human Partnership: The Catalyst for Transformation

Unveil the concept of a divine-human partnership as the catalyst for profound transformation. “When Life Calls for Transformation” intricately weaves the threads of spirituality and humanity, creating a tapestry that empowers individuals to actively engage in their journey toward positive change.

5. Jolting to Consciousness: A Wake-Up Call to Progress

This book serves as a jolt to consciousness, awakening dormant desires for progress. It becomes a rallying cry, resonating with readers to shake off stagnation, embrace a mindset of growth, and take intentional steps toward a brighter future.

6. Prayer Points: Initiating a New Era of Possibilities

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of prayer points that punctuate the narrative. These strategic moments become a conduit for initiating a new era of possibilities, providing readers with tools to communicate with the divine and usher in a season of positive Transformation.

Conclusion: A Journey Towards a Renewed Life

Concluding with a sense of renewal, “When Life Calls for Transformation” beckons readers to embark on a transformative journey. It stands not only as a book but as a guide, inspiring individuals to embrace change, partner with the divine, and witness the unfolding of a life marked by purpose, growth, and fulfillment.

Seize the Moment:

Embark on your journey of Transformation today. Order your copy of “When Life Calls for Transformation” and position yourself for a life-altering transformation. It’s time to embrace the possibilities that change brings

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