Why Revival Tarries

Discover the timeless wisdom of Leonard Ravenhill, one of the greatest authorities on revival in the twentieth century. In this compelling book, Ravenhill issues a no-compromise call to embrace the principles of biblical revival. His message, contained within these pages, strikes at the core of the church’s current state.

Ravenhill’s words are not for the faint of heart. Appalled by the stark contrast between the vibrant New Testament church and the state of the church today, his message is drastic, fearless, and often radical. He challenges the status quo, daring believers to rise up and reclaim the power and passion that characterized the early church.

Published nearly fifty years ago, “Why Revival Tarries” remains as relevant and urgent today as ever. With over 350,000 copies in print worldwide, it has resonated with readers across the globe, stirring hearts and igniting a hunger for revival.

In this book, you will delve into the depths of biblical truth, rediscovering the transformative power of revival. Ravenhill’s piercing insights will inspire you to examine your own life and the state of the church, calling you to pursue a revival that is marked by radical obedience, fervent prayer, and a relentless pursuit of God’s presence.

Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into the wisdom of a revival giant. “Why Revival Tarries” will challenge, convict, and ignite a fire within you that cannot be quenched. Prepare to be transformed and equipped to be an agent of revival in your sphere of influence.

Order your copy of “Why Revival Tarries” today and join the global movement of believers who are hungry for a revival that will shake nations and transform lives. The time for revival is now, and it begins with you.

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