Winning Prayer

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

So much has been written and said on the subject of prayer, yet very few people have been delivered from the trial and error approach to the practice of it.

Dr. David Oyedepo in this book has outlined the principles for effectual prayer. He has laid out the covenant technicalities that make the principles efficacious.

Now, you can say ‘Goodbye’ to religious long-drawn mumblings, and ‘Welcome’ to target and heaven-touching communications, that will stablish you in an endless winning life.


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Title: Winning Prayer



Chapter 1: The force of prayer

Chapter 2: What prayer dose

Chapter 3: Heart preparation

Chapter 4: Word preparation

Chapter 5: Approaching the throne room

Chapter 6: Prayer boosters

Chapter 7: Praying without utterance

Chapter 8: Now, Take delivery!

Many ideas have been written and shared on the subject of prayer, but sadly, very few people have managed to free themselves from the uncertainty that surrounds its application. However, in this extraordinary book, Dr. David Oyedepo lays out the principles of truly powerful prayer. He reveals the covenant practices that bring these principles to life, enabling you to experience effective, transformative prayer.

Immerse yourself in this inspiring book and let the profound teachings of biblical wisdom guide you. Dr. David Oyedepo, with his in-depth knowledge of God’s Word, leads you step by step to a renewed understanding of prayer and its impact on your daily life.

“Winning Prayer” will teach you how to:

Cultivate an intimate relationship with God, based on trust and divine love.
Use biblical principles to pray with faith and assurance.
Unleash the power of prayer in all areas of your life: health, relationships, finances and more.
Develop covenant practices that strengthen your prayer and draw you closer to God. Receive tangible answers to your prayers and experience victory in Christ.
Whether you’re new to prayer or looking to deepen your relationship with God, “Winning Prayer” offers a fresh and enlightening perspective on the power of prayer. Let Dr. David Oyedepo’s teachings transform your prayer life and lead you to concrete, lasting results.

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