You Shall Not be Barren

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

Barrenness is a affront to God’s original design for man. God made man for man to make more. It is in man’s makeup to reproduce efforlessly. A contrary reality dose not only challenge God, it upsets his divine intent for the creation of man. You are not created to be fruitless, no factor is strong enough to prevent you from having children. The word of God which commanded your fruitfuilness is superior to any scientific las, philosophical claims and biological disorders. In “You shall not be barren”, Dr. David Oyedepo shares strange insights which unmasks the frailty of the stronghold of barrenness and empowers its victims to shake off its shackles and take delivery of their miracle babies. Open up for man ancounter that will programme you out of any form of fruitlessness.



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  1. Created to be fruitful
  2. Your covenant guarantee
  3. Get right of dose obstacles!
  4. The knowledge factor
  5. Your faith access
  6. The overcomer’s mentality
  7. Take it by force!
    • Proofs of God’s faithfulness!
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