Yesterday, I discussed the importance of ensuring that seeds are sown in good soil. Today, I will examine the returns to expect from seeds even when planted in good soil. First, let’s focus on sowing into the life of a man of God.

He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward, and he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.” Matthew 10:41

The spiritual hierarchy of the man of God into whose life you sow will determine the level of returns on the seeds you will have. Some seeds will yield 30, others 60, and others 100. Your seeds may be planted in good soil, but the richer the soil, the higher the yield. In other words, the greater the spiritual life of a person, the greater the return when you sow into it. This does not mean that you should only sow into the lives of great men of God.

In fact, there are so-called “small” men of God who have gone further in spiritual matters than some popular men of God. Popularity is not a test of spirituality. Yes, it is good to sow into the lives of bishops, general overseers, and lead pastors, but you should not neglect the pastor who watches over your soul today, especially when God commands you to do so.

I must mention here that your seeds are actually meant to honor God and not man. You can only sow through a man of God, but the one you are truly giving to is the God that the man represents. So, if you only sow into the lives of those you have identified as great men of God, you are clearly trying to manipulate God, and God cannot be manipulated in any way.

All His children have needs, and if it is Him whom you truly care about when you make your seeds, then you will sow wherever you know He wants to meet a need. In Galatians 6:10, the Bible instructs us to do good to all men, especially to those of the household of faith. Do not ignore the brother who wears worn-out shoes to church while you upgrade your pastor’s entire wardrobe. If God has shown you the need of a brother or sister, you must respond in honor of the God he or she serves.

This text is an excerpt from the book “The Open Heavens: A Daily Guide to Intimate Communion with God 2024“written by the Pastor Enoch Adedjare ADEBOYE.

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