Most Christians who experience healing or deliverance often fall back into the world when their act of faith is not followed by an authentic and organized testimony. The trial of testimony prepares us for that of ministerial operation. Otherwise, we end up falling into routine. We become an ordinary Christian, then revert to being a pagan.

Since the family experienced a respite, prayer vigils have shattered, weeks of fasting are rare. Daily appointments with God are missed. Several temptations resurface: immorality, fornication, adultery, pornography, theft, lies, pride, etc. In short, evil tries to reinstall itself with the greatest subtlety. We must stay alert to unmask all the enemy’s ambushes.

I was trapped into marrying at all costs to testify with my family or not marrying at all but succumbing to the temptation of companionship. I should still wait. Save the Testimony, the testimony must be safeguarded at all costs. It is part of our inheritance. It is why we were saved. I must write and let it be known that I have been saved. I must sing about my healing and deliverance so that the Lord leads me into a new dimension of testimony, especially that of His kingship.

Indeed, there is the testimony of the redeemed of God for God, and there is that of God through His servant. I have not yet crossed the first stage of testimony, that of the redeemed, and neither has my family. It is this stage that will lead us into the power of God’s testimony through us. Save the Testimony …

This text is an excerpt from the book “BACK AND BACK: For the release of families in captivity” written by Jean-Paul Marie, Pastor Samuel Binyou.

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