Children often admire their parents, and it’s no different in the kingdom of God. A son may strive to learn everything he can from his father in the Lord and even pray to carry his spirit. However, what do fathers have to gain from their children in the Lord? When you consider the fact that there was a school of prophets in Israel, where there would be many people to assist Elijah, you will realize that he didn’t really need Elisha.

The main reason a father stays close to his children in the Lord, in general, is that he wants to impart his knowledge and anointing to them. He doesn’t want everything he has received from God to die with him. He wants to pass them on to people who will continue after his departure. So, it is the willingness of fathers to teach, and that of their children in the Lord to learn, that builds a strong bond between them.

As in the case of Elijah and Elisha in 2 Kings 2:11, fathers will one day be taken from the earth, and their children in the Lord will face the reality of continuing to higher heights without them. To what extent are you willing to take up the mantle from your father in the Lord?

Your vision in your walk with God must go beyond your father in the Lord; otherwise, when he is gone, your walk with God could be affected. My Father in the Lord was a great man of God. He fasted and prayed more than anyone I knew at that time. He saw visions of the future, and I learned a lot from him. However, he told me that he never fasted beyond 21 days in a row. Shortly after he was called home to the Lord, I went beyond his limit and started fasting for 40 days once a year. He saw the Church spreading across the world, and it happened.

However, God expanded the vision to other areas, such as establishing Redeemers University where young people can obtain a university degree and be simultaneously spiritually equipped.

If you want your father in the Lord to be proud of you, while learning everything you can from him before he leaves the earth, you must also see beyond him in your daily walk with God.

This text is an excerpt from the book “The Open Heavens 2024: A Daily Guide to Intimate Communion with God 2024” written by Enoch A Adeboye.

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