What I have also understood about the absence of a child in a marriage or the delay in having one, especially when you are still young, is that those around you are always waiting for your wife’s belly to swell. Sometimes it goes to the level of your families. People wait to see if either of you is “normal.”

Curiously, in this earthly realm, there are people capable of recounting your own situation more than you can relate it yourself! They tell you stories as if they were your own witnesses. Some go so far as to describe your intimate atmosphere, and those who go even further become your doctors and turn into your God.

During Nice-Soul absence, many people concluded that we were sterile, and others even doubted our faith in God. However, I kept emphasizing to my wife that worrying about this was not at all important because none of them had what we were looking for.

You know, when you live in a situation where the causes are unknown to others, everyone imagines what you are going through. Everyone gives themselves the luxury of being your witnesses. The devil is cunning and uses those who are very close to you to formalize, confirm, and give credibility to the lie concocted against you—the false rumors that spread quickly in your circle and weaken your efforts in perseverance, the momentum of hope that you nurture in God’s promise, since you don’t have time to justify yourself to everyone.

I would tell you that it is not what people say that can stop the hand of God stretched out to bless you. When the will of God is fulfilled, it comes after lies have taken a significant space in public opinion. But the truth behind this reality remains that God has justified you where the prejudices of men and your own doubts have brought you down!

If it weren’t for a sincere commitment at the beginning, a firm decision, and above all, a strong love that we reinforced, my wife and I would have cracked and destroyed many relationships in the face of this whirlwind of gossip. On the contrary, those who spread these rumors took care of their own cases by distancing themselves from us, even though we had no resentment against them.

This text is an excerpt from the book “THE ARRIVAL OF NICE-SOUL ” written by Arsène ZAGABE.

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