Saying thank you is the starting point. The example of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes shows that for Jesus to perform the miracle of multiplication, it was first necessary to say thank you for what we already have. A passage draws our attention to Christ’s reaction, which led him to give thanks to God for the five loaves and two fish.

Having lifted up his eyes and seeing that a large crowd was coming to him, Jesus said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” John 6:3, 5

The fundamental question was where to find food. So when the child with five loaves and two fish is presented to Jesus, he begins by saying thank you to God for the five loaves and two fish that were already available. Because depending on where they were, sending someone to buy bread would take too much time. Jesus did not pray to multiply the bread, but he gave thanks for what was there, and thanksgiving would bring about the multiplication.

There were no prayers; it was grace as actions that multiplied. God wants us to acknowledge that He is God. It is a formula that multiplies things for God. Thanksgiving is the means by which we return the received grace so that it can be multiplied.

This return is like a seed, and there is multiplication in return. You have to take it and bring it back to the source that multiplies. God wants us to acknowledge only that He was already God with the little we have so that He can accomplish even greater things.

  • Exceptional Faith.

This means that it only takes a little for the thing to be accomplished. The Roman centurion said to Jesus Christ, “Do not come, for I am a chief, and you are also a chief. You only need a little, that is, just say a word for my daughter to be saved.”

The twelve-year-old woman with the issue of blood said, “I just need to touch his garment, his robe. No more.” She knew that this small action would be enough to solve everything in her.

He who believes that it takes little for God to solve all his big problems manifests great faith toward God. God is God in His state of God; it is not through His actions that He becomes so. This way of saying thank you means that I do not deserve it.

  • Thanksgiving implies that every gift received is grace.

One who views everything as a favor knows how to say thank you. It is an undeserved favor. Only humility can perfect your thanksgiving. Look around you and compare yourself to everything you have received from God; you will see that you have nothing that gives you the right to obtain it. It is from the heart that comes the awareness that everything you receive from God is grace.

This text is an excerpt from the book “MATONDO: Living through Thanksgiving ” written by Arlette ManegabeAthom’s MbumaDavid KajisuFifi Bilolo TunasiGrâce TshiashalaMichael TetteyPasteur Lévi Kongolo KazadiSissi BogoliTracien Boma.

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