What is a satanic mark? In this question, we find two words: mark and satanic.

Mark: a sign, a label, or even a symbol.

Satanic: Satan, the devil.

Based on this explanation, we can say that satanic marks are signs that the devil places physically or spiritually on a person to identify them for the purpose of destroying their life. Each mark indicates the type of suffering its bearer will endure. In the Bible, God has always marked people, and God’s marks on a person signify glory, promotion, protection, identification, prosperity, and even royalty.

On the other hand, the devil marks people with the intention of making them his prey. Anyone bearing a satanic mark on their body will consistently face hardships in life (Galatians 6:17). Paul was simply saying that no person, no demon, and no sorcerer should touch him because he has been marked again. Previously, he bore a satanic mark. Every word in the Bible has its meaning. When he said “henceforth,” it means that in the past, he suffered. The satanic mark he carried made him an instrument or a person easily manipulated by the devil.

Before this satanic mark, he was called Saul, but with the mark of Christ, he became Paul. The mark of Christ on you makes you a new person (Ecclesiastes 9:4; Exodus 12:12). On the contrary, satanic marks on a person bring humiliation, suffering, and satanic judgment. They are also called satanic labels. Labels make a difference between products. They indicate the manufacturing house or the one who made the product.

Speaking of satanic labels, they spread false testimonies about the bearer. That is, the information circulated about those with the satanic label is false or a complete fabrication (defamation).

If someone carries the satanic label, mere rumors can tarnish their reputation even if they are innocent. Certainly, you cannot be loved by everyone, and not everyone will speak well of you. If that’s the case, it’s very serious for yourself. Satan can use his agents to make false accusations against you, at your workplace to get you fired, in your home with your spouse to break up the family, and in your business to drive away customers.

Yes, you cannot prevent this, but if you have the mark of Christ on you, this mark will defend your case. It will justify you where you cannot go or cannot go. I pray for you that every devilish sticker on you be removed from your life and burned by divine fire in the name of Jesus.

The satanic mark makes you wear a dirty covering, a dirty tunic, a dirty garment, all to condemn you before God and men.

  • Before God to keep you away from your blessings. Imagine if God turns His back on you. Your life will lose its meaning. May the Lord turn His face toward you now as you read this message in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
  • Before men so that you live in solitude.

How to recognize that you have a satanic mark on you?

  1. Failure at the brink of victory.
  2. Being falsely accused.
  3. Inability to sustain a good thing for long.
  4. Succession of unfortunate events.
  5. Inability to complete a started work.
  6. Enduring singleness.
  7. Blocked promotion.
  8. Life moving backward.
  9. Frequent nightmares.
  10. Change of minds of people supposed to help you.
  11. Feeling guided by a spirit.
  12. Pursued by the spirit of hatred.
  13. Pursued by the spirit of rejection.
  14. Pursued by the spirit of jealousy.
  15. Contemplating suicide every time.

This text is an excerpt from the book “The deliverance of souls through the destruction of Family Altars” written by HOUEDANOU Mahugnon Jean-Jacques Dieu-Donné.

We invite you to read the article “The Altar of Satanic Perfume” to better understand and overcome Satanic Marks, malevolent altars.

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