Satanic perfume is an odor that the devil attaches to someone with the intention that this person is rejected wherever they go. Nowadays, we observe that this weapon, namely satanic perfume, destroys the lives of many individuals. Homes are shattered due to the presence of satanic perfume. Qualified individuals have lost their jobs because of satanic perfume.

Despite their qualifications and lengthy studies, some are job hunting but cannot find employment due to satanic perfume. As long as a person carries the scent of satanic perfume, they will always be rejected by those around them without any fundamental reason. Satanic perfume is a fragrance that emits a foul odor. To illustrate, in everyday life, some people are identified by their perfume.

At times, you can smell their perfume before they arrive, and you say a particular person is in the vicinity, or they will come any moment now, and then you notice their actual presence. Some even leave the scent of their perfume lingering in a place. If the perfume smells good, the person is appreciated, but if it smells bad, they are disliked, criticized, or hated. This also happens in the spiritual realm.

Satanic perfume is a weapon that the devil especially uses in romantic relationships to sow hatred and division. I pray for all households in this situation, that any foul odor of satanic perfume be transformed into the fragrance of a good perfume in the name of Jesus. Satanic perfume is also referred to as the perfume of death (2 Corinthians 2:14).

When we talk about the perfume of death, it comes from the devil, producing death or all the negative things you can imagine (disease, failure, unemployment, poverty, infertility, celibacy, low sales, non-fulfillment, obstacles, hatred, division, loneliness, false accusations, etc.). There is also the perfume of life.

When we talk about the perfume of life, it comes from God, producing a pleasant fragrance, generating life, and all the positive things you can imagine (health, victory, work, prosperity, fertility, wealth, marriage, project fulfillment, joy, peace, love, etc.). Satanic perfume is a very dangerous weapon.

When it is spread within a loving couple aiming for a lasting relationship, this perfume, through its scent, brings about hatred and turmoil. The husband no longer wants to smell his wife, or the wife no longer wants to smell her husband. Each finds happiness or pleasure elsewhere with other partners. Therefore, the scent of satanic perfume transforms love into hatred. The scent of satanic perfume turns blessings into curses. This scent drives away benefactors.

Those who are supposed to be a blessing to you are diverted or kept away from you because of the foul odor you emit. Some women, despite having good character, physical beauty, material and financial stability—everything needed to be homemakers and mothers—are alone without a husband, children, or with one or two children without a father. They may be accused and given names they do not deserve. It is the scent of satanic perfume at work in their lives.

The scent of satanic perfume leads you to a life of disappointment upon disappointment. When you carry this scent, people will always find a flaw in you to disqualify you despite your skills. The one who carries the scent of demonic perfume among ten thousand people is always criticized, envied, and resented.

Some people carry the scent of satanic perfume simply because the wicked have seen their destinies and are heading to witches to destroy their lives. They go to garbage dumps with an intimate item of the person, sometimes using excrement, uttering incantations, and making sacrifices on the trash heaps to ruin the person’s life. Why garbage dumps? It’s because they represent a bin, a place where all the bad things are discarded.

Satanic perfume also manifests physically in the lives of some people through bad breath. You see people emitting an unpleasant odor; this smell is not natural even if the individuals are clean. This repulsive odor puts the person in quarantine, meaning that the person you talk to keeps their distance because of the bad breath. God’s plan is for you and us to emit a pleasant fragrance (Song of Solomon 1:3).

May God purify you from every scent of death (satanic perfume) both spiritually and physically. May He cleanse your name, your body, your home, your business from every satanic odor with the revelation of His Word. I pray that God restores what the devil has destroyed through this scent of death.

May divided hearts reunite. May every compartment of your life be perfumed with His fragrance of a pleasant odor, and may happiness, blessing, grace, peace, and favor smile upon you in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

This text is an excerpt from the book “The deliverance of souls through the destruction of Family Altars” written by the Pastor HOUEDANOU Mahugnon Jean-Jacques Dieu-Donné.

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