The devil is willing to do anything to obtain wealth and use it unlawfully. If the enemy fails to transfer wealth, then he will steal it. If he cannot steal it, he will consider destroying it. When the devil knows that you have decided to become traps for his wealth, he attacks you because he wants you to remain in poverty. The enemy acts by using the arrows of wealth destruction. Unfortunately, these arrows have entered the lives, bodies, and destinies of many believers. We must pray until these arrows come out by fire and force, and their poisons are neutralized.


Below are listed the arrows, the methods used by the devil to steal or transfer the wealth of God’s children.

  • Debts

Debt has been used by the devil to keep you perpetually poor. The devil will push someone to take a small debt to start. And then he will encourage them to take another debt on top of that. Ultimately, the many debts will keep the person perpetually poor. If you are a victim of debt arrows, you must pray until it becomes a thing of the past.

  • False Investments

False investments are a weapon used by the devil to steal people’s wealth. When you invest colossal sums of money in a business and all that money goes out the window, you cannot experience prosperity.

No matter your commitment. No matter your efforts, false investments will keep you away from wealth. We must change things in our favor. We must pray and command the enemy to vomit all the wealth he has swallowed.

  • Failure on the Verge of Breakthrough

This is another poisoned arrow that the enemy uses. The devil programs failure and action when people are on the verge of their breakthrough. He allows people to see wealth from afar. But, he does not allow them to acquire their divinely given wealth.

  • Lack of Profit

The devil allows people to do business. But, he assures them that they will not experience profit. That’s how the devil makes people work like elephants while they eat like ants.

  • Poor Clientele

Whenever the devil steals or destroys people’s wealth, he orchestrates a poor clientele. If a believer has a poor clientele in their business, then wealth for them will be unattainable.

  • Sorcery Hang-ups

The devil, through the instruments of sorcery, hangs up the money or wealth that his victims are supposed to acquire. As long as the money, the wealth remains hanging, the victims will not be able to experience true and genuine wealth in their lifetime.

  • Satanic Business Partnerships

The devil has stolen people’s wealth by programming satanic business partners into their lives. When the believer partners with a satanic partner, they will experience enormous losses.

The demonic partner will pay their tithe to fetish priests and occultists while the believer will pay theirs to the church. Thus, activities will become contaminated by satanic practice. So, wealth will become unattainable for the believer.

The Bible also tells us that the wicked are cursed. The word of God declares: “Tell the wicked man that what he has will be cursed.” You cannot bless the person God has cursed. If you try to do so, you also fall under the curse.

  • Tithe Theft

Many people steal tithes today. While God blesses them, they do everything they can to not pay their tithes. Some people pay their tithes immediately. Others, on the contrary, perpetually defraud. These people thus take the key to close the windows of heaven themselves.

Such people act because they find the tithe to be too high to pay. Is there a sum too high to pay for the tithe? Why pray for breakthroughs if you know that the size of your breakthrough will be so great that you will be unable to pay your tithes?

You must pay your tithes even if they seem high to you. Do not play games with God. Be faithful. God only needs one-tenth of your profits. But, if instead you steal from God by adding what belongs to Him to your portion, you may never experience prosperity. You will end up inviting the devil to steal your wealth.

Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me! But you say, ‘In what way have we robbed You?’ In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with a curse, For you have robbed Me, Even this whole nation!” Malachi 3:8-10


This text is an excerpt from the book “The Wealth Transfer Agenda” written by Dr DANIEL OLUKOYA.

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