The world is advancing at an unimaginable speed. Meanwhile, the African states are still talking about overcoming poverty, and most of their inhabitants are thinking about becoming state employees. Indeed, the glory of all the nations of the world has been made possible by what I can call here, the valorization of the natural abilities of the inhabitants of these nations.

Africans try every day to reach Europe because they believe that with or without a diploma, there are chances of success. But I want to tell them that we can become what they have become. Start by valuing your talents, take your destiny into your own hands. The senior pastor of our church, Yvan Castanou, was supported neither by African presidents nor by French presidents.

His book, Now Enough is Enough, Things Must Change, and his inspired prayer sessions, Let’s Pray Together, have been the source of transformation for thousands of lives in the Francophonie. He evaluated everything God had hidden in him, became aware of it, and attempted what seemed impossible for someone from Congo-Brazzaville: to impact the entire Francophonie. Today, our church is one of the most influential Christian communities in the Francophonie because one man answered his calling.

And as the apostle Paul would have said, he did not resist the heavenly vision. True men of God never expect anything from heads of state because they know that their callings were inspired by the greatest of all heads of state, the Lord of the Universe. I heard Bishop David Oyedepo say that no man, living or dead, can raise his finger and say he was the reason for the success of the Winners’ Chapel church. Since then, I have made this phrase my own, as it is filled with faith based on God.

Because of what God had called him to accomplish, he said: becoming a head of state would be lowering myself. This is true because a head of state is established over a territory, whereas the influence of some men has no borders, and their reign only ends when they leave the earth. Do you see the audacity of the winners? They rely on the graces that God has given them to move forward without blaming anyone. This applies to all areas. That is why I started by exposing to you the indicators that can define your calling.

A single grace, a single gift, a simple talent can establish you in spheres of influence. You must trust what God has placed in you and work without looking at what is happening with your neighbor. You must be confident. That is why I love this phrase: A man possessing only one talent, but full of victorious confidence, often accomplishes infinitely more than a man possessing ten talents who does not believe in himself.

If you have been able to detect what God has hidden in you, work and go beyond the bare minimum…

This text is an excerpt from the book “ESTABLISHED IN GLORY” written by Tony-Branly NZIKOU.

We invite you to read the following article “Go Beyond the Bare Minimum.

The Awareness. The Awareness. The Awareness.

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